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We exist for the “restoration of people to their creation status and mandate,” by establishing & modeling the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, so that the WILL of our Father will be done on earth as it is in Heaven



Establishing a new Kingdom Culture, globally
  • Our paradigm and approach to Spiritual & Marketplace ministry is centred around the 7 pillars of society, which we believe need to influence with the Kingdom Culture.

  1. Politics- controls the systems;

  2. Education- develops the controller;

  3. Business -finances the controller and the systems

  4. Family-foundation for humanity;

  5. Media, Arts & Showbiz (MAS) –vehicle for impact

  6. Health -necessity for humans in physical realm;

  7. Church/Ministry- the central platform for developing the culture


  • "Becoming the GREATEST kingdom culture catalyst and agency on earth” and thus growing very large like the fig tree for the benefit of humanity to the glory of God.

  • We established Vision 2034 as a growth strategy to establish 640 centres and initiatives in different spheres of society (see 7 pillars model) by 2034. 



  • Righteousness,

  • Humility

  • Excellence

  • Commitment

  • Thinking

  • Wealth

Know and be known | Love and be loved | Serve and be served | Celebrate and be celebrated | Admonish and be admonished

Jesus loves U so do We

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