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Vision 2034



What do we want to do?

EMI it- Establish, Model, Innovate a new global culture, the culture of the Kingdom.


Purpose Statement:

We exist for the “restoration of people to their creation status and mandate.


Vision Statement:

“Becoming the GREATEST kingdom culture Agency on earth.



The value of the Embassy are:

Excellence; righteousness; humility; wealth; family, commitment, thinking.



Vision 2034 will be achieved through the setting up a Kingdom Embassy Centre globally in line with the seven pillars, which could take any of the following forms:


  • Church facility centre, or

  • Business facility centre, or

  • Education facility centre, or

  • Entertainment facility centre, or

  • Health facility centre.



Vision 2034 will be driven by the target of 640 centres by the year 2034; which centres could take any of the forms discussed under the strategy.

We are Building.


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