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We believe that the church is at the centre for Kingdom culture empowerment, because it is the place for instructing and training believers about the LOVE of God so that wherever they go they will spread love and manifest life hence we say “where it flows everything will live”.

The Embassy has a number of relevant ministries all geared towards restoring people to their creation status through teaching, training, and demonstration. Connecting to one or more of our ministries helps you meet other individuals who are like minded and creates a support & empowerment platform for individuals and the community at large.

Get involved in life at The Embassy and become empowered to pursue your purpose and positively influence the different spheres of your life and community!


  • Family Groups: Aimed at building and developing authentic relationships with God and one another.

  • Women of Worth (WOW): A women ministry for empowering women spiritually, financially and socially, activating womanhood & motherhood. It caters for girls, students, singles, married, young & adult women.

  • Children’s Ministry: A ministry focusing on building strong, loving, Godly families of faith that nurture childrens’ lives for life

  • Ministry of Love: Mo’Love is The Embassy’s social responsibility structure, running a variety of programmes and outreach initiatives aimed at demonstrating the love of God to communities in and around the vicinity of the church.

  • School of marriage: provides marriage preparation course, training and counseling programmes for strengthening and enriching marriages.

  • School of Wealth: Empowerment programmes aimed at providing life skills and raising Kingdom Enlightened Multi-Billionaires

  • School of leadership: raising leaders grounded in the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven authentic relationships with God and one another.

  • Promise Keepers: a men’s fellowship aimed at equipping men to activate malehood-sonship & fatherhood..

  • Youth Ministry: Champions for Life and bring hope to the youth by creating opportunities for holistic development.

Spiritual Ministry

Spiritual ministry
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