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Legacy Campaign


In 2013, we bought a 8ha plot in Mnandi, Centurion with the intent of developing The Embassy global centre in support of an equally big vision.

In the same way we want to influence the 6 pillars of society with the church (7th pillar) in the middle, our infrastructure concept is centred on the same principle. We want to develop this land as a MULTIPURPOSE COMPLEX for empowerment, serving different needs of society in and around the community, e.g. clinic, school, business centre etc.)

It is indeed a journey, and we are excited to be launching the first phase of our Legacy Campaign towards the infrastructure development. We hope you will partner with us on this journey


We are starting PHASE 1 (2016 – 2019) with the development of a multipurpose Kingdom Dome Auditorium at the centre, and all resources & funds being raised towards

We believe that the opportunity to connect with this vision and centre for global empowerment, is not just about fundraising or resource mobilisation, but about BUILDING A LEGACY, hence we have termed this project and supporting initiatives the Legacy Campaign. Get involved. Lets build the #KingDome! #BreakingBarriers

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