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The Strategy

  • For many years the operational focus of The Embassy has been the Ministry sector and in 2013,  the focus of the vision was broadened to include active empowerment pursuits of the Marketplace sector.

  • In line with Vision 2034, this has seen us adopt a 2-pronged approach to achieve global kingdom impact, which is centred around the 7 societal pillars. The one aspect is Spiritual Ministry (the church at the centre for kingdom culture empowerment), and secondly the Marketplace Ministry (wherein people are shaped to influence through the kingdom in the market place).

  • What do we want to do? EMI it- Establish, Model, Innovate a new global culture, the culture of the Kingdom. 

Spiritual Ministry  


“Where it flows, everything will live” Eze 47:9

Marketplace Ministry


“Influencing the daily human endeavors”

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