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But forget all that---it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. Isaiah 43:18

Our Organization


The Embassy is a global entity whose purpose is to establish and model the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven globally.  In this pursuit the Embassy has two broad sectors, namely:


  • The Embassy Ministry sector

  • The Embassy Market Place sector












For many years the operational focus of the Embassy has been the Ministry sector and in 2013 the focus of the vision was broadened to include active pursuits of the market place sector.


The organisation operates under the name: THE KINGDOM EMBASSY CENTRE (NPC), abbreviated THE EMBASSY. The vision of the organisation is captured in Vision 2034.


   Welcome to The Embassy -

a family where no one stands alone.


The Culture of the Kingdom of Heaven.

- Impacting all 7 Pillars.


- Politics- controls the systems;

- Education- develops the controller;

- Business -finances the controller and the systems

- Family-foundation;

- Entertainment/media-vehicle;

- Health-necessity for humans in physical realm;

- Church/ Ministry-  the central platform for developing the culture

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